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Treats skin flaws and blemishes with visible results after your first session.


iCoone is he only device in the world to perform Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation (MMAS), with visible results after the first session. The innovative Roboderm® patent treats skin flaws and blemishes by stimulating the connective tissue effectively and in depth.

How does iCoone Work?

This non-surgical body sculpting treatment works by using a combination of mechanical stimulation, laser contouring, and LED to break down fat cells. It reduces the volume of adipocytes to decrease the appearance of cellulite. Additionally, the icoone® Beauty Laser promotes collagen and elastin production for better skin health while also improving the oxygen supply to the skin for all-around rejuvenation.

The icoone® Beauty Laser is a standalone device that offers whole-body treatments. It works for all skin types, even those with damaged, loose, or sensitive skin.

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iCoone Benefits

Body & Face



Designed to work on stubborn adipose fat deposits, this one of a kind body contouring treatment gives the whole figure new-found harmony, as well as a pleasant feeling of lightness and wellness.

Cellulite Reduction

iCoone is able to restore the tissue’s optimal level of oxygenation and improve micro circulation, facilitating metabolic exchanges. It generates the quality, elasticity and firmness of the skin.


Lymphatic Drainage

Performing a symmetrical treatment with two hand pieces at the same time, icoone allows for complete drainage of the whole body, stimulating instantaneous oxygenation of the tissues, improving micro circulation and promoting the elimination of metabolic waste and liquids.

Skin Tightening

This treatment uses cell stimulation to encourage the production of collagen and elastin, instantly leaving the skin looking firmer and the body slender and toned. The treatment is particularly suitable for toning the skin following weight loss.


Visit any of our three Southern California Studios for body contouring services with exceptional care.

iCoone Before & After

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iCoone Face Treatments

Face Tightening & Lifting

The innovative Roboderm® technology behind iCoone, is in fact based on the use of microstimulators that, like thousands of tiny hands, massage the skin: it is the so-called Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation, a unique and effective stimulation that works in three dimensions and down to the deepest layers of the skin, activating it.

The iCoone face treatment activates the fibroblasts and increases the production of elastin and collagen. In addition, treatment with icoone leaves skin fibres more elastic, with an in instantaneous anti aging and skin rejuvenation effect, with visible results after just a few minutes of application.

Thanks to this anti aging skin care intervention pleasant and gentle, completely painless, wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin regains firmness and elasticity and is visibly more radiant: in short, it looks younger.

iCoone Appointments Available At All Locations

We have three locations in Southern California convenient and ready for booking: Los Angeles / West Hollywood, Manhattan Beach, and Newport Beach.

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